Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day Four: Ride into Rome

Today was a pretty uneventful ride. The weather was hot, but it stayed dry, until ten minutes after I arrived at my grandfather's farm. The sky literally opened up right after pulling into the garage. There were 50mph gusts and torrential rainshowers for about fifteen minutes. So far, I haven't been rained on a bit on this trip, and I hope that it stays that way! After 1,151 miles, that has been a pretty lucky break.

There are some pictures of Fort Stanwix, which is a revolutionary war fort. On August 3, 1777 the Stars and Stripes were raised at Fort Stanwix the first time the flag was flown in front of a foe in the U.S. For this reason the fort has also been designated as a National Historic Landmark. The city of Rome was constructed around this fort. Click here to see the pictures!

Useless GPS Stats:
Miles Today: 146
Top Speed: 90.9mph
Moving Time: 2:34
Moving Average Speed: 56.7mph
Overall Average Speed: 31.6mph



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