Saturday, October 30, 2021

 Grateful Dead Time Machine cases

I designed this case to house the wonderful Grateful Dead Time Machine.  The inventor of the time machine and I have been working to get a solid, no-nonsense, good-looking case into the hands of the people.  A version of these will be provided with new units, but if you already have a Time Machine and would like this case, I'm your guy!  I will be the one fulfilling requests from existing users.

They will be printed in PETG.  Custom colors available upon request, as is custom lettering.  

More colors than shown are available, to include:

- Red
- Translucent Red
- Blue
- Translucent Blue
- Black
- White
- Natural (Translucent)
- Translucent Forest Green

Missing a color?  Send me a message to the address below and we can work out something.  Most any combination of these will work, as long as there's sufficient contrast for the text layer.  Or I can pick one for you!  I have more printed than are shown here.  

Price is $40 shipped USPS priority mail.  $50 for a custom lettering job.  

If you would like to order, please send payment to my Paypal account (paypal AT or Venmo (@Jeffrey-Fabrizio) with the color and any special requests attached to the payment.  

For more information, please email me at or  Thanks for your interest!


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