Thursday, August 23, 2007

Road Trip Day Two (Continued): Hanging out with the Martins

Had a great, laid-back evening chilling with the most gracious Canadian hosts in the world, Bob and Monica Martin, and their daughter Jessica. We enjoyed a great dinner of grilled chicken, ribs, baby potatoes, and carrots. Then, we retired to the patio for drinks, music, and the exchanging of stories and catching up. It was nice not having to worry about moving very quickly the next day! :)

The next day, we all rested in our various ways. I really needed this vacation!

Heading back into the States tomorrow, entering New York, and stopping at the House Of Guitars in Rochester before heading to my Aunt and Uncle's house. It should be a fun ride... it is less than four hours, so it will be another short ride. The weather is looking killer, so it should be great.


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