Friday, August 24, 2007

Road Trip Day Three: London, ON, to Rochester, NY!

It was an interesting day today. The weather was supposed to be pretty bad, but I think that it was the most sunny day so far on the entire trip. Remind me to use sunscreen, because, yeah, I forgot.

The border crossing was utterly horrible. It took well over an hour to roll the mile or so of cars backed up to get back into the states. For a weekday at 11:00am, that was completely unreasonable. Of course, I got the biggest ball-buster of an inspector in charge of my line, because he was only letting one car through in the same amount of time that it took a neighboring agent to let two through. That makes things all that much more pleasant. It was bordering on comical. He actually made me push my Harley out of earshot before starting it to "preserve what little hearing he had left". Umm, okay... I was used to pushing it. I ended up shutting down the engine of my bike to keep it from overheating, as it is air-cooled, and it really seemed like it was getting hot while I was in line to approach the border.

I took so many pictures today, that it didn't seem to make sense to put them inline with this post, like I have been doing. If you want to see the pictures and some brief descriptions, click here. There are some great shots of an authentic Canadian castle, Niagara Falls, and the House of Guitars!

Useless GPS Stats:
Miles Today: 257
Top Speed: 101mph (I wanted to see if triple-digits dropped the decimal on the display -- it does, LOL!)
Moving Time: 4:53
Moving Average Speed: 52.6mph
Overall Average Speed: 35.0mph

The reason for the slow speeds this time around (apart from the obvious), is the slow, SLOW border crossing, and the breaks I took because I could make phone calls again to the states. I was in phone withdrawal being in Canada, where AT&T charges $0.79 per minute. Speaking of which, I am going to wind this up now and make a call to someone I miss very much.


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