Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting it rolling again, and getting it cleaned!

So, upon seeing just how dirty the Jeep was under the body, I decided to get the wheels back on to make it into a rolling chassis again, so that I could get it out into the driveway and power wash it.  Since I only had the brake drum off on one side, I decided just to put that wheel back on and only put the new drum on the other side.

Old 9" drum on passenger side. I left this on temporarily.

New 11" drum brake on driver's side. 
Note size difference between it and the old one on the floor.

Bearings freshly repacked, and new seals installed, I put the hub back on.

New drum, freshly cleaned with brake cleaner

There was a pretty big difference between how the freshly cleaned and packed bearing wheel spun versus the uncleaned original side.  Easily half the resistance in turning it, and it spun cleanly for quite a while.  Once I got both wheels back on, I was ready to roll it out to clean it.  Since the steering wheel is in the corner of the garage, I had to move the wheels left and right by hand to steer it out.  It was easily pushed out alone.

View showing new drum in place.

I spent about a half hour spraying off the frame with my Karcher power washer.  Quite a bit of crud came off, but I will have to take a second stab at it, using commercial degreaser and a brush.  Some of the stuff was just too caked on. I think that while I have the tub off, it would be a good time to straighten out any bent parts in the frame and shoot it with some fresh paint.  I was pleased to note no serious damage, and no rust, other than superficial surface rust, which should clean off relatively easily.


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