Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Training Continues...

It was a good week for running. I did 22 miles in four days of running, and am feeling pretty good. It was rough getting started, though, because the race took a little more out of my legs than I thought it would. However, when I ran eight miles on Saturday, I purposely took my time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The trail was wonderful, and the weather was perfect. Here is my Nike+iPod screenshot (click to enlarge):

I really like the way the system tracks your runs. As you can see, you can not only see run statistics, but also name your runs so that you have a chance of remembering them six months or so down the road. My eight-mile run on Saturday is highlighed in that photo. You can compare recent runs to the best runs you have made, which is also a very useful feature.

My sister has also challenged my brother and I to a contest through Nike+iPod. On the website, you can issue a distance, calorie, speed, or time challenge with runners all over the world. The challenge here is won by the first sibling to run sixty miles. Here is how a challenge looks on the website:

I am winning (at least for now). My sister is a top-notch physical education teacher, and despite having had a baby about eight months ago, will likely give me a run for my money here. I can only hope the weather in upstate New York is so horrible that she is held captive indoors! :)

Stay tuned for updates!


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