Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Road Trip Day Two: The Great White North, Eh!

After the rain subsided, it was a pretty laid-back day of riding. It was certainly shorter than yesterday's ride. Aside from some construction just outside Lansing, the road conditions were perfect, although pretty overcast. Since the lake-effect heads due east, I was behind the storm by an hour or so most of the day. It was pretty dreary, but I stayed dry!

Leaving Lansing, Michigan

I came across a Drive-In Theater between Lansing and Flint. They are pretty rare these days. They were at their peak during the car-centric 1950's, when there were nearly 4,000 screens across the United States. These days, there are around 400 screens remaining. One of these screens is in my city, Belleville. It is currently for sale, and may not be a drive-in much longer. The real-estate it is on is far too valuable not to develop. Anyway, here are pics of the Miracle-Twin Drive-In in Burton, Michigan.

Port Huron is a beautiful place to cross into Canada. It was overcast, but still gorgeous!

I don't know why, but I always get nervous at border crossings. They seem to ask so many questions. It is like being on a date or something.

Another thing... I hate the kilometer/mile thing. I like to RELAX on my road trips. I don't want to sit there and do math the entire time. So, I just decided that I was going to end up speeding, and not worry about the particulars.

I arrived in London! Time for some of that 5% beer! It is an off-day tomorrow, so there might not be an update. Heading to Rochester, NY, on Friday morning.

Useless GPS Stats:
Miles Today: 204
Top Speed: 97.6mph (I was passing a truck)
Moving Time: 3:08
Moving Average Speed: 65.1mph
Overall Average Speed: 59.6mph


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